Pottery Site

The pottery site on this property was operating in the mid 18th century. The earliest potters are long forgotten. In 1830’s it was known as the William Clark stoneware factory.

David Clark was there from 1793 to 1825 and perhaps even earlier and longer.

Durell Williams and George Lent worked very early on at this site. We have found a shard with” Lent” inscribed on it.

Nathan Clark , a well know potter from Athens NY, learned his trade at this site.

Other potters involved were: Nathan C Bell, Moses C. Bell and Francis H. Bell and Isaac V . Machett and sons.

It is probably the only early pottery site in New York State that is still intact.

It is an archeological gold mine . A professional dig should be done and will be done as soon as we obtain a grant for the work.

This site has been placed on The National Register Of Historic Places.